Txt With Umph

Express how you really feel in your iMessages with various snarky sayings. All sayings are contained within speech bubbles for a consistent, clean and crisp look!

Quit sending boring iMessages to your friends and family. Actually, they're lucky you send them any at all.

We love our users (hugs). Send us your suggestions and we just may add them to our next release! We'd love to hear from you.

A few of the great Schtickers available: Asuh, Boi, Boom, Can't, Crickets, Dead, False, Go away, Grab 'em by the *****, Impossibru, McFly, NSFW, Nuclear, Please leave, Really?, Relatively, Schlemiel, Seriously, Too soon?, Worthless, Wow you're my hero, You have issues, and many more!

If you like Schtickers, please leave us an app review and your feedback in the App Store - it makes us feel loved.